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    My work is centered around creating objects for the home influenced by my personal nostalgic experiences. While each home is different, there are objects that I have grown up with that stand out among others as being nostalgic. Confronting and striving to harness that intangible emotion in a tangible object is the crux of my inspiration. Through the combination of free motion embroidery and woodworking I am constantly attempting to create a harmony between their respective processes and mediums. I think of free motion embroidery as painting with thread, and woodworking as a means of constructing an object's longevity. Through the meticulous repetitive action of free motion embroidery and the construction from calculations in woodworking, I have been able to create a series of framed panels completely engulfed in thread. The greatest influence in my technical decision making has been pushing the limits of thread as a material . By free motion sewing using the zig zag stitch on a high speed and slowly moving fabric I am able to create sharp uniform lines that are the basis for concentric pattern making. These abstract patterns attempt to be a representation of a portal for nostalgia to be witnessed through. Each embroidery panel’s abstract imagery draws inspiration from parts of my life that I find nostalgic, such as analogue television static, or the glowing wax in a lava lamp. Reincarnating the experiences of these objects in the form of embroidery is my way of archiving a memory.